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In Episode 11, the Sci-Fi Super Friends went on a fantastical journey to the somewhat action-packed world of “Conan the Destoyer” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This 1984 sequel to “Conan the Barbarian” features many of the main characters, with the addition of a few more fun selections such as Wilt Chamberlin and Grace Jones. Together they quest to help a princess retrieve a special key that unlocks the chamber holding the horn of the dreaming god, Dagoth, which once reunited with its statue, will awaken the beast to consume the world. Would the crew lament the sacrifice of the virgin princess? How did the film perform on the Celestial Movie Rating Scale? Tune in and find out!

Featuring music by Phonotrash – “Elsewhere” and Lonzijun – “Transect”



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2 Responses to S1, E11: Conan The Destroyer

  1. Noah Hale says:

    So. I’m about half-way through the podcast and I just have to comment right here and now.
    First off: I’m still enjoying the hell out of you guys. Keep it coming.
    A few things:
    The only holdovers from the original Conan movie are Akira and Valeria. Malik was not in the first movie. The character Keith is thinking of is Subotai, the Hyrkanian archer/thief, not Malik. Fun fact about the actress that played Valeria: she was a professional dancer and was one of the muses in the Olivia Newton-John movie, Xanadu.
    And I definitely agree about the make-up and effects of Destroyer being substandard, even for the time it was made.
    I disagree about is the opinion of the 2011 Conan movie. It was at least as good (or as bad) as Destroyer. And for my part I like a more talkative Conan–because the Conan of the books and the comics was smart and had no problem letting his mouth shoot off when he felt he should offer his opinion.

    • Thanks for the great comments Noah! We are really glad to know you are enjoying the podcast. We’ll be reading your comments on our next recording. Please keep listening, writing in, and don’t forget to tell your friends about us!


      P.S. We’d be interested in knowing where you’re listening from. :)

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